Not only missionary to the precious people of Pakistan, Terri Shamar is also missionary to Honduras, where diabetes and aids are prevalent. Visiting Orphanages and small villages has been her new quest.  Some of the housing in these villages are built out of cardboard and mattresses. There is such great need here and much ministry is needed.  She has also been a guest worship leader in churches, RChurch.TV, Assemblies of God, etc…   Although there are many churches there, the island still needs evangelism.  Terri has had divine appointments, and one of them, she was taken to a small church on the water near the poor villages, and a small school house, where she led worship, gave her testimony, and prayed for the sick and afflicted, and encouraged them to continue.  This church believed a speaker would come to them, and Terri was received and honored.  “When I gave the altar call and prayed for them, the Lord let me read their mail, because they wouldn’t tell me what was wrong with them!  I had a profound word for each one.   It was so incredibly rewarding that God did such a powerful work in that little church on the water, where their pastor had died three months before.  These three dynamic women of God, took over for their beloved pastor, and is keeping the ministry going.  Terri has given altar calls in other churches after sharing her testimony.

Terri Shamar is also a sponsor for Compassion International, and is working on her next Cd project to debut by the end of the year.