How I Wrote “Holy Holy is the Lord”

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How I Wrote “Holy Holy is the Lord”

 “SONGS FROM THE SECRET PLACE”  ~  by Terri Shamar

 How I Wrote My Song “Holy Holy is the Lord”

~As a songwriter, Contemporary Christian artist and worship leader, I’ve learned that I don’t always have the time to sit and write my songs, although many songs come out of my early morning devotions and walk with the Lord.  In spite of my struggles with fear and oppression, I run to that secret place in my heart where I can worship the Lord in the refuge of His loving arms.  No matter what state I’m in, whether physical pain, fear, grief, some kind of suffering, etc…., there is this place.  An access into a secret spiritual realm where I can enter.  And as I find myself in the safety of this “holy refuge”, words begin to flow to an unfolding melody in my head, “Holy Holy is the Lord, High and lifted up, Savior of the world! ……”

Trip to Mt Rainier

~A year and a half ago, my husband and I took a trip up to Mt. Rainier, Washington.  Even though I had my guitar with me, I only had time to play it once on the week long trip.   Dealing with things in my personal life such as rejection, oppression, emotional pain, fear, heartache…  I found myself staring out at the beauty of these majestic mountains before me, as if they were beckoning me to come.  And though fearfully magnificent in nature, there is the awesomeness of a Creator God, who is far more MAGESTIC than any mountain, created and painted by a single brush of His eyelash….

Overwhelmed by the beauty before me, the Spirit was impressing upon my heart about His holiness, how we approach Him, coming into His Presence acknowledging the Most High Creator God of the universe.   And by the shedding of His blood, Jesus, God’s only begotten Son, with one last breath on a cross, died for the many.  And ONLY by the shedding of His blood, the perfect sacrifice, the Lamb of God was slain for us.  Now, we can  humbly enter with gratefulness and adoration, and praise to the One who has delivered us from darkness, pulling us out of the pit of destruction, and transferring us into His marvelous light, His eternal Kingdom, forever and ever, Amen.  He sees us as we are, our naked humanity and depraved condition.  Out of His love and compassion, stretching out His beckoning hand toward us, we reach up and take a firm hold of His strong hand, consciously by faith confessing Him our Lord and Deliverer, the Savior of the World….

From my trip to Mt. Rainier, my song began to emerge into reality, to the guitar and out of my mouth flowed the words, “Holy Holy is the Lord, High and lifted up, Savior of the world…”.   SO.  No matter where I am, what state I am in, no matter what I am going through, there is this secret place, a holy refuge, where I can find rest and safety in the arms of a loving God, singing and making melodies in my heart to the One who loved me saved me….                                                                                                                   

 What is the Spirit Saying to the Churches Today?

~As I listen to christian radio today, we hear more songs about the holiness of God, and the book of Revelation has come to light more than ever before.  My worship tune, “Holy Holy is the Lord ” is a sweet expression of scripture of what I believe the Spirit is saying to the Church.  During the past year and a half I’ve been blessed to share this song in the churches of my community and abroad, witnessing true elevated praise and adoration to our Lord, a confirmation, that the Holy Spirit is moving through the Body of Christ.  Amen.  ~ by Terri Shamar

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