Marching Orders 2005 & 2009 Upload Vision

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Marching Orders 2005 & 2009 Upload Vision


2005 Marching Orders~In March 2005, the Lord visited me through the strange beautiful rays of the sunrise, and His Presence filled my apartment.  I then ran outside and looked up to see this beautiful strange glow in the sky. I then noticed my yard was the only one with flowers on the whole street.  Purple Hyacinth or Crocus flowers which are significant to me. I ran back inside the apartment shouting, “He’s here!  He’s here!”   I opened up all the blinds, the beautiful rays flooding my apartment, and my husband told me to hear what the Lord would say to me. When I calmed down, the Lord spoke.  He told me I had the joy of a child at Christmas time.  But the Bride of Christ was not ready for Him, and that many would shrink from His Presence, that her garments are filthy from the world, and then said to me, “Terri, Go. Tell My Bride to make herself ready for My coming, having no spot nor wrinkle, unstained from the world,  because I am coming very soon.”   Right then, the beautiful sunrise vanished up into the fog layer between two mountain peaks, and  was gloomy again.  I was sad and heartbroken because He was gone!  The Holy Spirit compelled me to open up to Heb.10:30-39 .. ” ‘Therefore, do not throw away your confidence which has a great reward.  For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what was promised.  For yet in a very little while, He who is coming will come, and will not delay.  But My righteous one shall live by faith;  And if He shrinks back, My soul has no pleasure in him.’  But we are not of those who shrink back to destruction, but of those who have faith to the preserving of the soul.”  I truly believe this is our final hour to fulfill the calling on all our lives, as though He will come back any minute.                     ~ Terri Shamar

2009 Upload/Vision from the Lord~

On June 29th, 2009, I had some kind of upload or vision.  The Lord took me up and we were traveling past New York City.  I saw that it was dark and devastated, with no lights, no power, and a little ashened as if from a possible nuclear attack.  We kept traveling and talking about things, but it’s not revealed to me what we were talking about.  We kept traveling far away from New York, over these very beautiful, calm waters, a sparkling river with trees on each side of the river.  Then further,  I looked and saw a building that resembled something in the Middle East.  It was beautiful, but was tilted as if by earthquake or war, and I noticed a scone-looking light still on, which was on the front face of the building, making me think it was evening time.  A little later (and who knows how much time had lapsed, there is no time in the Spirit realm), I asked the Lord, “What are all these forest fires, and fires, Lord?”  He spoke plainly and clearly to me, “That is Iran.”   I then said, “I’m afraid.”  Well, I don’t know why I would say that because I had no fear being with Jesus!  So, I know I said that in a future tense at some point.  The Lord then spoke and said, “Don’t be afraid.  Think of it as fun and exciting!”… I had shared this upload/vision,  whatever you want to call it, to several pastors and leaders around the globe.  Shortly, I began seeing and watching alarming news reports on tv.  Pastors/leaders were emailing me, saying, Terri, thought you might be interested in this… which were articles talking about Iran, the destruction of Iran,  Israel nuking Iran, etc…  It was confirmed to me that my vision was real.  In fact every vision I’ve had for the past 33 years have all come to pass.  There hasn’t been one that has not come to pass.  A few years ago, in November 2012, Hurricane Sandy, a monster East Coast Storm,  came through and devastated New York City, and the surrounding states.   It was dark and devastated, with no power.   I was asking myself if this was the 2009 vision coming to pass?  I paid close attention to the news reports as I searched for pictures that would resemble what I saw in my vision.  I  found a picture  somewhat close of what I saw in my vision.  I was dumbfounded.  In conclusion, the forest fires, and fires in Iran and Israel are happening now.

One of the reasons I have spoken out to share this vision with you, is because the Coming of the Lord is so much closer than ever before.  Number two, the Lord said, ‘GO, warn the Body of Christ to get ready.  I’m coming very soon’ (in March 2005).   And then 2009, the Vision of New York, dark and devastated, with no power, no lights, coming to pass in November 2012, with a possible future nuclear attack, Iran and the Middle East, we are closer to the Lord’s return than ever before.  Are we supposed to hide our head in the sand and be in denial about it?  No, I don’t think so.  Look around, what do you see?  Peace and tranquility?  Or, chaos?  We see Israel being surrounded by armies with no help, and our country is in jeopardy.   We need to sound the trumpet, and spread the gospel,  telling the world the Kingdom of God is at hand!  I believe we are to know for sure our callings and fulfill our ministries, advancing the Kingdom of God with joy!   Look up, for your redemption draws near!  Be ready!   No one knows the day or the hour, not even the Son, but it’s all in the Father God’s perfect timing.  We keep watch on Israel, God’s timepiece.  And pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  The boat is docked for now, and the door of the ark is open,  and we are to prepare for rough waters.  Get on board now, before the door of the ark is shut.        ~Terri Shamar

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