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New EP Available

May 2009

Just to let you know! My new EP “Child After My Own Heart” is here and is very available in the store! It came out this late Spring along with the premiere of the movie “C Me Dance”, a warm-hearted yet thriller family christian movie that one of my songs off the Wake Now Sleeper Cd is the Title SoundTrack for – See Me Dance! That is just amazing! To read more check it out on the earlier entries on this news page!


All in all, the New EP is just awesome. If you haven’t gotten my new EP at one of my recent concerts, you can click on one of the “flashing cds” on the home page or click on “store”. I even have digital downloads now if you’d like. They are also available locally at Evangel Bookstores, Medford and Grants Pass locations.


I am pretty excited about this project. Working with my producer, Phil Baquie, who just happens to be the guitar player for one of the most popular Christian groups, Sonic Flood. Phil, including some members of Sonic Flood and Jon Newell, are my band for the new EP. So please check it out! This is my best yet.


About the movie. The movie “C Me Dance” is now available on DVD, and can be purchased online . I got two for myself. The movie is just great. It’s basically a chic flick with a devil in it, but is very family oriented. About a 16 year old teenager who is rebelling, but God is calling her to carry out a mission. You will laugh and you will cry. Lincoln Brewster is one of the other artists who has a couple of his songs in the movie as well as other gifted artists. Actor, writer, and producer, Greg Robbins, put out his first film. We are all so proud of him. I believe and support this movie, that it will reach and touch hearts, changing lives. So please support this brother and get your own DVD of “C Me Dance” for your library. Tell your family and friends. The New EP “Child After My Own Heart” and the DVD “C Me Dance” are also great gifts too! Enjoy and be blessed! – EP’s – “C Me Dance” movie – movie trailer


Thanks for your love and support,


Terri Shamar

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