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Personal Times of Worship

Personal times of worship~ are usually very early in the morning around sunrise, looking forward to being in God’s word, and seeing what He would say to me, how He would manifest His Presence that day.  With my notebook, pen, and highlighters ready, I read and then write down the inspired scripture that is sticking out at me, jumping off the page!  To this day I have boxes and boxes of spiral notebooks from years of journaling, which are like reading the bible when flipping through them.  I call it my training in “The School of Christ” by His Holy Spirit.  I will usually have my guitar near me, ready to go.  Sometimes, I feel led to grab my guitar and start singing a scripture to a chord progression I’m playing.  As a composer and songwriter like my grandfather whom I never knew, I begin plucking out all the parts on my guitar or keyboard as I hear them in my head, making wonderful melodies in my heart!

During the process of songwriting,  I will wake up early in bed, hearing the full orchestra!  Even when I take road trips, I can work out a whole song in my head.  And as soon as I can get to the guitar, I will pluck them out so I don’t forget what I heard!  From the head to the paper is tricky!  There will be times in the middle of the night when I will be awakened by songs of healing or comfort, having beautiful melodies and harmonies or chord progressions, but I won’t get the words til an “appointed time”.  Or, I will have only words that are awaiting for the right blends and vibrations of tones that compliment and belong to the words.  As a voice teacher in the community over 25 years, I have taught my students that certain vibrations sung at a certain frequency can shatter glass!  There are also certain vibrations of frequencies of certain chords and chord progressions or tones, which are a vibrational “soothing balm” that can enter into places of the soul where no physical ointment or drug ever could.  Music that comes from the Throne is the healing balm from God Almighty, Jehova Rapha, The Mighty Healer!


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